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Once a Hack, always a Hack – October 16.  More on gaming the system.

Carole Cadwalladr on Al Gore and Climate Change – August 1.  It’s getting warm in here.

Bill Browder’s Testimony and the Magnitsky Act – July 26.  Putin’s motivation in moving against the US.

A Culture of Thuggery – July 12.  There’s no place here for the Brownshirts.

Trump at the Epicenter – July 10.  The pile is getting higher and deeper.

Government for sale – July 8.  It’s not just in elections anymore folks.

Mueller versus Trump, the game begins – June 28.  Tim Weiner sets the background.

A Voter Protection Act – June 26.  Addressing voting rights.

It’s Time for Moderate Republicans to Join us in Righting the Ship – June 24.  Let’s make common cause to end the madness.

Le Carre – Truth in Fiction – June 23.  Where better to find the truth?

Does a corporation have a soul? June 21.  Bean counters count beans.

The American Class System – June 20.  America is stratified, led by a kleptocracy.  What happened to the meritocracy>

The Donald Channels the Legacy of Roy Cohn – June 17.  Who is that sitting on Trump’s shoulder?

Trump, Collusion, Global Oligarchs, and the Mob – June 16.  The dots begin to connect themselves.

Sarah Kendzior calls out Trump – June 13.  The looming authoritarian state.

The global corporate conspiracy – June 12.  What’s really behind it all?

Max Boot – Reams of Evidence of Trump’s Collusion with Russia – June 11.  The elephant in the room that mainstream media can’t swallow.

The Trump Connections – June 10.   Connecting more dots.

Eric Alterman on Roger Ailes – June 9.  How Ailes and Fox News corrupted news journalism.

David Corn sets out the case against Trump – June 9.  There’s more than enough in public to insist on Trump’s resignation or impeachment.

Time for real gun control  – June 8.  Enough already.

Hayden – June 1, from June 1, 2016 post.  Freedom.

Tom Friedman and the United American Emirate –  May 31.  Our new monarchy.

Anthrax Anyone? – May 31.  Trump’s proposal to close the Biodefense Lab.

Kurt Eichenwald’s exposé of Trump – May 30.  Trump’s contempt of court.

Eliot Cohen’s Review of Trump Abroad – May 28.  There’s a farce in the force.

Der Spiegel has seen enough – May 26.  The Germans at least can tell it like it is.

Freedom of the Press – May 25.   The Press under attack.

You say you want a Reformation?  – May 23.   The need for political reform.

Donald the Great – May 23.  He’s Great, really Great!

The Rise of Trump Predicted by Henry Wallace – May 21.  American Fascism is nothing new.

The Stench of Trump’s Corruption – May 20.  Time to call a spade a spade.

The One Percent have their hands in your pockets – May 19.  How the playing field in state legislatures was slanted to the right.

The Cyber War in Social Media – May 19.  The rules of the game are changing.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Can Mainstream go Anti-Trump – Abramson of the Guardian – May 18.  Can mainstream report the real news?

On the Class Divide –  May 16.  Let’s get together.

You  say you want a Revolution? – May 15.  What’s going on?

Cadwalladr and the global oligarchs – May 14.  Mercer, Mercer, everywhere.

Moscow Project Video – Trump-Russia Exposed – May 13.  The ties that bind.

James Fallows – Why Trump is worse than Watergate – May 12.  A necessary perspective.

It is our right, it is our duty – May 11.  There’s no place for despots.

Toujours l’audace – May 10.  Trump exposed.

Sinclair and the coming right-wing media monopoly– May 9.  Danger alert as the right-wing consolidates its hold on the meda.

Evidence of Collusion – May 9.  Yates testimony indicates evidence of collusion.  Let’s see it.

Andrew Bacevich takes US Foreign Policy to task – May 8.  A look at the unspoken assumptions.

Cambridge Analytica Exposed – Spoonamore – May 7.  Cadwalladr’s excellent work on election subversion.

The Case Against Trump – May 6.   It adds up to impeachment.

Dutch Report Investigation of Trump Partner – May 5.  More smoke.

The Old Trump Bullshit – May 4.   Trump says something?  It’s “The Old Trump Bullshit”.

Survivalist – May 3.  My dna is uneasy.

Sliding Toward Ozymandias – May 2.   This too shall end.

The Tabloid President – April 30.  The First Annual Trump the Dump epithet contest.

Nevil Shute Norway and “On the Beach – April 28.  Don’t get comfortable – it could really happen.

Steve Friess on Alex Halderman and Vote Hacking – April 27.   An expert weighs in on the vulnerability of elections.

Restore Democracy – Draft Robert Reich for President – April 26.  We need to look ahead.  Bob’s the man.

David Remnick on Trump – April 24.  Best summary yet of Trump World.

Carole Cadwalladr of The Guardian Connects Dots – April 23.  A global anti-democracy comes into view.

Clint Watts on Russia’s Disinformation Campaign – April 21.   The low down on the Russian social media attack on the 2016 election.

Computer Programmer – April 21.  Clinton Curtis voting machine hacking software.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Science in America” – April 20.   The importance of science.

Mainstream Acknowledges the Trump-Cohn Axis – April 18.  More on Cohn

The Root of all Evil – April 16.  It traces back to Roy Cohn.

Andras Gollner exposes Trump – April 14.   The Hungarian Connection.

My Dinner with Noam – April 13.  Wally Shawn interviews Noam Chomsky.

Col. Wilkerson calls out Trump – April 11.  Clouds are gathering.

If you don’t want war, don’t go looking for it April 10.  What could go wrong?

We’re the Cops of the World – April 9.  Love those tomahawks.

Going All the Way – April 8.  If machines can be hacked and I’ve got the hackers…

Hacking Voting Machines – April 7.  Our voting machines can be hacked with no trail.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Jail They Go – April 6.   Traitors, Treason.  They won’t get away.

Compute This – April 5.   How computers are changing the world in ways I did not expect.

Getting Money Out of Politics – April 4.   Why should our government cater to the oligarchs?

The Perfect Storm –  April 3.   Take Russian hacking and Mercer analytics,  mix vigorously.

Something’s Happening Here – April 2.  Building up for war.

Collusion in Plain Sight – April 1.  Follow the smoke.

Trump in Azerbaijan – Adam Davidson’s Follow Up –  March 31.  Is that a noose tightening?

Mozart in the Jungle – March 30.  Great through six episodes.

Trump Denies Climate Change – Arctic Melts – March 29.   What an idiot!

A Proposal for Reform – March 28.  Our system needs to be repaired.

Investigating Trump – March 27.  Keeping Track.

Slip Sliding Toward War – March 26.  Trump is ramping up.

The Rise of the Investigative Journalists – March 25.   The truth is out there.

Refugees in Crisis – March 24.  Our failure to respond is a national disgrace.

Birds of a Feather – March 23.   A Murder of Crows?

Leave No Stone Unturned – March 22.  It’s all in the connections.

No to the Shameless Stolen Seat – No to Gorsuch – March 21.  A vote for Gorsuch is unacceptable.

Fear and the Laws of Liability – March 20.  New Zealand – smart.

Five Principles for a Social Democracy – March 19.  We should set a litmus test for our candidates.

Jane Mayer Exposes Robert Mercer – March 19.  The financial power behind the alt-right.

Fascists in the White House – March 18.  Something is seriously wrong with these people.

On the Elderly – March 17.  How do we treat our most vulnerable?

On the Death of Privacy – March 16.  What does it mean if even the CIA can be hacked?

Who are Bannon and Trump.  The Unveiling – March 14.  The Devil is in the details.

Only an idiot soils his nest – March 14.  The earth is finite.  Time we protect it.

Let’s try putting people first – March 13.  It’s not all about money.

Donald Trump and Organized Crime – March 12.   The articles speak for themselves.

The Emperor has no clothes – March 11.  What a cad!   What a fraud!

Evidence Trump Violated The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – March 10.  Evidence Trump violated The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Throw the bums out – March 9.  The simple solution.

A little sense of urgency, please – March 8.  The danger to our democracy is palpable.  Feel it.  Act.

Pot calls kettle black – March 7.  Why is Trump afraid of being bugged?

Fake News Alert! – March 6.  Who said anything about ugly Americans?

McCarthy, Evola, and The Camp of the Saints – March 5.  The existential threat.

A Reading Assignment – March 4.   A New Yorker article provides context for the Russian intervention in the 2016 election.

Kinser’s Warning – March 3.   Autocracy is closer than you think.

Will the rats desert a sinking ship? – March 2.  Why would Sessions lie to Congress, under penalty of perjury, about his contacts with the Russian ambassador?

Once a Fraud, Always a Fraud – March 1.  A fraud by any other name is still not a statesman.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – February 28.  Won’t waste my time watching Trump.

Deus ex Machina – February 24.  We need an intervention!

The Case for Social Democracy – February 24.  Why not?

Don’t Read This! – February 23.   Learning to love the bomb.

News Flash.  Trump Violates Constitution.  Again – February 22.  Immigrants are entitled to Constitutional protection

How Long Can You Tread Water? February 21.   You can’t ignore Mother Nature.

One, Two, Three, What am I Fighting For? – February 20.   My cheat sheet.

Trump Raises His Flag – February 19.  Trump shows his true colors.

The Responsibility is Ours – February 18.   It’s our country.  Let’s take it back.

Just a Short – February 17.   Any good Republicans out there?

Probable Cause – February 16.  The ball’s in Ryan’s court.

Consciousness of Guilt –  February 16.  Of course Trump knows.

All the News That’s Fit to Read – February 15.  Fake or Real?

We the People – February 15.  Time for Trump to go.

The Tripartite Coalition – February 14.  Steam is rising in the inner sanctum.

Connect the Dots –  February 13.  What did he know and when did he know it?

Blumenthal’s Short History of the Trump Family – February 13.  The low lowdown on Trump.

Trump and the Banality of Evil – February 12.  Hannah Arendt understood.

The Man in the High Castle  – February 12.  Something about this series resonates.

 Darth Bannon – February 11.  Welcome to the Dark Side.

A question of character – February 10.  The Donald meets a great wall.

Don’t be Played – February 9.  What’s Blumenthal’s game?

I’m With Stupid – February 9.  Smart people don’t do this.

Living in a Post-Truth Rathole – February 8.   We are better than this.

The Trump – Cohn Connection – February 7.   The legacy of evil.

Moral Equivalence – February 6.  Trump wants to be like Putin.

Winter is Coming II – February 5.  What would the generals do?

Nuclear Winter – February 4.  Unthinkable?  Trump?  Bannon?  Start digging.

Why We Resist –  February 3.  What will it take?

Hell No! –  February 2.  Don’t feel threatened?  Think again.

On Corporate Shills and Nihilists – February 1.  The Big Picture.

Piled Higher and Deeper – January 31.  The older stuff gets buried but it doesn’t go away.

We Shall Never Surrender – January 30.  This shall not stand.

Protest! – January 29.  Demonstrate!  Act!  Protest!

Shame! – January 28.  Lady Liberty weeps.

Civil Disobedience –  January 27.  Guidance from Thoreau.

A Modest Proposal – January 26.  Maybe Swift was right.

A little bit longer now – January 25.  The need for truth is self-evident.

The Attack on the  Warren Court – January 24.  The threat to the Bill of Rights.

The Newest Dunciad – January 23.  There’s a new dunce in town.

Incredible demonstrations.  Now put the pedal to the metal. – January 22.  Historic demonstrations.  Let’s use them.

This shall not stand!  January 21.  A Dark Lard has seized the White Tower.

Fleet Street – January 20.  Our need of the English wits.

Heads firmly in the sand since 1896 – January 19.  The debate on global warming is over.

Can Democrats get clever? – January 18.   The art of the deal.

Thank God for John Lewis – January 17.    John Lewis is an American treasure.  Listen to him.

Time to do the right thing – January 16.   Time for universal health care.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – January 15.  Something smells.

Thumbs down to Governor Malloy – January 14.   Malloy screws up.

These are the times that try men’s souls – January 13.  We need the passion of Thomas Paine.

Does Trump know who he is? – January 12.  Trump’s rants against others are projections of who he is.

Earth and the Challenger – January 11.   Nature can’t be fooled.  The cost of “post-truth”.

J’accuse – January 10.  Trump’s the crook.

For Whom the Bell Tolls – January 9.   Trump’s lack of empathy.  Streep’s great speech.

Beware the Worship of Mammon –  January 8.    Trump and the Republicans are all about their own money.

Treason –  January 7.   Trump knew about the Russian effort to tip the election and approved.  And he couldn’t help letting us know that he knew.

Nay then you lie, it is the blessed sun – January 6.   Shakespeare knew about the abuse of power and disdain for truth.

Russian cyberspies and Putin Swing Election to Trump – January 5.  Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance discusses evidence of Russian culpability.

The Right-Wing Conspiracy – January 3.  The right-wing’s successful effort in disseminating fake-news, lies, and other distortions through the internet and elsewhere.

Last best hope – December 31.  The rise of an international, multi-national ethos among young intellectuals – a counter to the new nativism.

Strategy: Facts, Votes, Boycotts – enhanced blog site – December 29.  How to fight Trumpism.

Insurance is the wrong model for health care – December 26.

Resistance Links – December 24.  Trump the fascist.

Learning to Love the Bomb – December 23.   Trump, the moron, wants more nukes.  Ever read  On the Beach?

Great – December 23 – from November 9.  My shout-out to our fine electorate for embracing Trump.

Dark Money – December 23 – from November 17.  Book reviews.  Jane Mayer’s Dark Money.

Put the Electoral College in the Waste Bin December 23 – from November 26.

Fixit – December 23 – from November 28.  A not-tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Clinton states secede and consign Neanderthal Trump states to their chosen fate.

Orwell – December 23 – from December 9.  Trump is Orwellian?  Yeah.

Facts – December 23 – from December 12.  Stubborn things.

Shout Out to WAMC – December 22.  In appreciation of their Round Table panel.

The Post-Truth Rat Hole – December 22 – from December 20.  The emperor has no clothes.

Where Darwin does not belong – December 22 – from December 15.  Trump as top dog.

Dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex – December 22 – from December 14.  Eisenhower already said it.  He was right.

Blogging – December 22 – from December 13.  I take the plunge because we have to speak up.