Trump Denies Climate Change – Arctic Melts

pg-6-arctic-ice-paYesterday Trump issued orders of idiotic proportions rolling back Obama era rules that protect the environment.  See Coral Davenport’s report in The New York Times, Trump Signs Executive Order Unwinding Obama Climate Policies.”  The orders reflect the clearest indication yet that Trump will carry through on his promise to scrap efforts against global warming.  Davenport notes: “analysts say Mr. Trump’s order signals that the United States will not meet its pledges under the Paris deal to cut its emissions about 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2025.  ‘Meeting the U.S. terms of the Paris Agreement would require full enforcement of the current regulations, plus additional regulations,’ said Michael Oppenheimer, a climate scientist at Princeton University. ‘It takes a comprehensive effort involving every country doing what they committed to and more.’”

Damian Carrington in Mother Jones,  in “Basically, the Arctic Is Melting, the World Has Gone Crazy, and It’s All Our Fault“, provides a dramatic review of what is going on.  Carrington describes how global warming is leading to significant increases in extreme weather events.  For example, scientists have found that global warming leads to conditions favoring stalled weather systems under which a given system – drought, or rain – can remain stationary for long periods.

The article notes: “‘Human activity has been suspected of contributing to this pattern before, but now we uncover a clear fingerprint of human activity,’ said Michael Mann, a professor at Pennsylvania State University in the US who led the study published in the journalScientific Reports.

Kai Kornhuber, at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany, and another member of the research team, said: ‘We looked into dozens of different climate models, as well as into observational data, and it turns out that the temperature distribution favoring planetary wave stalling increased in almost 70 percent of the simulations.’

Large scale wind patterns are largely driven by the temperature difference between the poles and the tropics. But global warming is altering this difference because the Arctic is heating up faster than lower latitudes and because land areas are heating up faster than the oceans.

Recent changes in the Arctic are particularly striking, with record low levels of ice cover and extremely unusual high temperatures. ‘Things in the Arctic are happening much faster than we expected,’ said Professor Stefan Rahmstorf, also at PIK.

‘It is not just a problem of nature conservation or polar bears, it is about a threat to human society that comes from these rapid changes,’ he said. ‘This is because it hits us with increasing extreme events in the highly populated centers in the mid-latitudes. It also affects us through sea level rise, which is hitting shores globally. So these changes that are going on in the Arctic should concern everyone.’

So, while you are contemplating the ever mounting evidence that Trump colluded with Russian operatives to steal the 2016 election, consider the undeniable fact that he is actively leading the fight to increase carbon emissions and bring about climatic disaster.


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