Going All the Way

roulette-table-and-playersNo one has said it, but we should  investigate whether voting machines were hacked in the recent election to change the vote count and flip the election.  Former CIA Director James Woolsey pointedly tells us that 25% of the voting machines can be hacked without a trace.  See my blog Hacking Voting Machines.  Maybe we should pay attention.  Here’s a scenario:

Since speculation is fun, let’s say there are billions, perhaps, trillions of dollars at stake in the election.  And let’s hypothesize that you are a billionaire TV celebrity, a gambler who has made his fortune rubbing elbows with organized crime, and you have access to a rogue nation-state with highly developed cyber-warfare capabilities, and  access to the ear of a right-wing hedge-fund billionaire who made his fortune using computer algorithms to game future behavior in the stock market and who is now dabbling in computer algorithms in politics.  What would you do if you are willing to stop at nothing?

For a start, you use the traditional political tactics against your opponent.  Stir up misogyny.  Find an incident you can blame on her.  Smear her with Benghazi and use of a private email server.  Exploit the xenophobia of the alt-right.  Rouse the rabble.

But you also have these computer resources – wouldn’t it be interesting to exploit the internet.   Use the new resources like Breitbart  and Facebook to target misinformation to the right people?   Maybe you could hack your opponent’s emails.   “Russia, if youre listening, I hope youre able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

Now it’s coming down to the wire – the polls say you are behind by that crucial bit – you won’t be able to pull it off.  But wait, there’s an Electoral College that allows you to win without the popular vote.  And you have computers to find the electoral votes you need.  If only you could find a few more popular votes.  And lo and behold, your computer experts tell you they can hack the voting machines themselves – a few more votes here, a few more votes there, they don’t even leave a paper trail.  What do you think?  You are not a loser.  Are you going to give it a shot?


2 thoughts on “Going All the Way

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