Moscow Project Video – Trump-Russia Exposed

saint-basils-cathedral-moscowHere’s the link to The Moscow Project explanation of Trump-Russia collusion, “What Comey was Investigating Explained” .  Please take the seven minutes to listen – the video does an excellent job reviewing the roots of Trump’s Russian involvement and the broader context of Putin’s Hyber-War against the West.  The American public was kept in the dark as to Trump’s Russian contacts – in fact he explicitly denied them.  Now that he is elected, Trump is suppressing efforts to investigate his collusion with Russia, most recently with the firing of FBI director James Comey.   The Comey firing, by itself, constituted obstruction of justice mandating that Trump be impeached.  The  deathly silence of the Republican leadership to the firing is the canary in the coal mine.  They will not act to Trump’s flagrant violations of the law.  They will not react to obstruction of justice.  They will not react to Trump’s nepotism.  They will not react to his violations of the emoluments clause.  We are no longer a nation of laws, but one subject to the whims of Mr. Trump, who holds himself above the law.

If you are disturbed by the Moscow Project video, you should explore my blog pieces tying Trump to organized crime, RICO violations, money laundering, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Consider the evidence that the 2016 election was directly stolen by hacking of voting machines as well as by an unprecedented disinformation campaign conducted in part and assisted by Russian operatives.  Understand that Donald Trump is not some addled clown – he is an experienced practitioner of dark arts, a crime lord with tentacles spread across the globe and an empire built on ruthless lawlessness.  And consider that the leadership of the Republican Party, and the wealthy oligarchs – the Mercers, and the Kochs – know all of this.

We are in for a fight if we wish to restore democracy to our country.  These people will not go easily.  They are capable of anything.  Roll up your sleeves.


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