Toujours l’audace

standingToujours l’audace.   Always the audacity – a phrase made famous by Napoleon, and later General Patton – in case you missed taking French.  It’s a lesson Roy Cohn taught Joe McCarthy – think of McCarthy holding forth with his fake list of the State Department employees that he claimed were Reds.  Cohn also taught l’audace to Donald Trump – if you are brazen enough, they’ll let you do it.  Half of them won’t think you’d dare fake it.  The other half won’t dare confront you.

Yesterday, Donald Trump, confronted with a grand jury investigation  of his collusion with Russia, fired James Comey, the FBI director who held the classified information that could bring Trump down.  And as an excuse, and bald face lie, he blamed the firing on Comey’s handling of the Clinton emails.  Then today – to poke us in the eye, he met with the Russian foreign minister.   “I double dare you to stop me,” says Mr. Trump.  And if you had a bridge in Death Valley, Trump would sell it for you.  No doubt, a few will buy his lies – the truth is just too compromising for the Republican leadership that bet their careers on Trump.  But the raw truth is now exposed – he colluded, he will do what is necessary to retain power, and you can be damned.

Our future remains in the balance – good men and women will have to step up to save the Republic.  It will be our shame if they don’t.  But I’m betting the tide has turned – the jig for Trump is up – because his perfidy now lies open and the American people are beginning to move.  Make no mistake – as the realization of Trump’s treason coalesces, there will be a tidal wave.  Sadly, the longer it goes on, the greater the opportunity for violence and riots –  for Kent States and inner cities burning.  It is incumbent on us to do what we can to end Trump’s presidency sooner rather than later.

Properly, the Republican leadership would invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump for his evident unfitness for office.  They might save themselves, and they would save us the problem of defanging the dangerous snake that is Trump.  But if not, the investigations will grind on and the indictments will bring Trump loyalists down, one by one, Flynn, Manafort, Stone, Page.  The pressure will grow, the rats will jump ship, support will crumble, and Ryan and McConnell will be ever more isolated. This is not Russia – if Trump attempts a coup, he will die in jail.

In the end, Trump’s presidency will fall.  Our job is to push hard.  Real hard.


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