Dave Hemond is a semi-retired lawyer living in Suffield, Connecticut.  This blog is an Anti-Trump resource, a response to Trump’s attack on our culture  and to  the abuse of our political process by wealthy reactionary Republicans such as Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers.  Dave worked for over 20 years as a non-partisan attorney for the Connecticut Law Revision Commission, assisting  committees and interests groups to enact good government legislation.  Through the Commission, he worked with the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws on the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act and other uniform provisions.  He also worked as Committee Clerk for the Connecticut House of Representatives during their impeachment investigation of Governor John Rowland.

Dave practiced law from 1976 to 1979 in New London, Connecticut with the law firm of Morgan, Moukawsher, and Willetts.  While in practice, he was prevailing counsel in Hodge v. Hodge, 178 Conn. 308 (1979), in which the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned prior law concerning requirements for jurisdiction set by Carter v. Carter, 147 Conn. 238 (1960).

He has a law degree from UConn (1976) , an MAT from Connecticut College (1973), and a BA in English from UConn (1972).


Dave can be reached at davidlhemond@yahoo.com

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