Restore Democracy – Draft Robert Reich for President

portraitOur democracy has been gravely injured by the election of the demagogue Donald Trump and the pandering of the Republican Congress to corporate and authoritarian interests.  We still have the vote.  It is imperative that we use our vote to restore a democracy devoted to public interest.

I recommend, as a start, that we draft Professor Robert Reich as the Democratic Party candidate for President in 2020.  It’s important that we start now, before the field is co-opted by the usual suspects.  There are good reasons why we need a fresh face unencumbered by baggage.  Bob is the right candidate for the following reasons:

  1.  Reich has serious credentials.  He is a former Secretary of Labor under the Clinton administration, is a renowned scholar in economics, and is a current professor at the University of California Berkeley.

  2. You don’t have to guess where Bob stands because he has a long, scholarly record and has written numerous books detailing the necessity for a balance in corporate and public interests.  Reich hosts his own web stream on FaceBook –  pretty much every week day at 8:00 pm eastern time, The Resistance Report, where you can hear him live, doing his best to educate the rest of us.  Because he is on live, you can hear him and judge for yourself – there’s even a segment where he answers questions from viewers.  Follow him, listen up, trust your instinct.  We can have an influence here.

  3. Bob Reich has been outspoken in the need to get big money out of politics – to reduce the indebtedness to large campaign donors now owed by virtually every extant successful politician.  We simply cannot restore a democracy of the  people without addressing the way in which politicians are currently owned – corrupted if you wish – by big money.

  4. Bob’s politics are progressive – but that means that he wishes to address the plight of the working man in the rust belt as well as the poor in the cities.

  5. Everything I hear convinces me he is both an intellectual and a humanist – a man concerned for the human condition of us all.  He exhibits presence, passion, and a level head.  I can’t think of more important qualities.

  6. I admire both Bernie and Elizabeth Warren but each carries considerable baggage and possible vulnerabilities.  I will support either – I would support Hillary too – but I judge that the Democrats need a new face – one that is not the product of family dynasties or establishment politics.  Bob’s the man.


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