Computer Programmer Created Software in 2000 to Rig Elections by Voting Machine Hacking

ballotOn April 7 and 8, in two blogs, Hacking Voting Machines, and Going all the Way, I speculated that the 2016 election may have been flipped by direct hacking of voting machines.  I came to that conclusion based on the known Russian cyber warfare conducted on Trump’s behalf by Russian cyber experts and the fact that direct hacking of election computers was a known possibility.  See also the Palmer Report article noting that the surprise swing states were suspiciously won by almost identical margins.  The possibility of election hacking throws doubt on the legitimacy of the vote count in the 2016 presidential election and under the circumstances requires Congressional action to review the election and to consider laws to ensure the integrity of future elections.

These concerns were emphasized yesterday when I learned that on December 13, 2004, a computer programmer, Clinton Curtis, testified before a Congressional Committee that he designed software for Florida Speaker of the House Tom Feeny to  rig elections in Florida in 2000.  This is the YouTube link.  A second link from Twitter is here.   Here’s the accompanying blurb to the YouTube link:

“Published on Feb 19, 2016

Clinton Eugene Curtis, a computer programmer from Florida, testified before a congressional panel that there are computer programs that can be used to secretly fix elections. He explains how he created a prototype for Florida Congressman Tom Feeny that would flip the vote 51%-49% in favor of a specified candidate.

This happened all the way back in 2001 but you might not have heard anything about this claim unless you searched for it. I’ve seen a Wired News report on this topic and a few local Florida newspaper stories but otherwise, no real media coverage has been provided. You’d think claims of election rigging software would be splattered all over the News yet as it turns out, our news media prefers to point out voting fraud in other nations but not here in THE UNITED STATES.

Mr Curtis a Software programmer who worked for NASA, Exxon Mobil & the US Department of Transportation in a sworn-oath deposition testifies that US elections are rigged by inserting software into the voting system. The timing of this deposition was just after George W Bush being re-elected president of the United States. We are not surprised that this never made it into the main stream media.

Mr Curtis goes on to name US Representatives who attempted to pay him to rig their election vote counts.

Transcript of sworn testimony by computer programmer Clint Curtis, before the U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Democrats of the Judiciary Committee, December 13, 2004, as seen on video above follows at the link below. “

The bottom line is this.  The election of the current President, Donald Trump, occurred in the face of election eve polling that predicted his defeat.   He won the election based on anomalous results in several large swing states that defied the pollsters, and notwithstanding that Trump lost the popular count by almost three million votes.  Those results alone should raise suspicion.  We now also know that Russian operatives were active in the election, quite possibly with the cooperation of Trump and American computer analytics.  In short, it is reasonable to question whether the US election was stolen.  We can’t investigate sooner.  Congressional action must begin now.



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