The Old Trump Bullshit


The New Yorker  has been renowned for its fact-checking for years.  So if editor David Remnick, in “A Hundred Days of Trump”, writes something, you can take it to the bank.  You should read his article on Trump  – he does the best summary of Trump yet, and it should give you pause.  But I’d like to focus on one particular incident that Remnick cites, because it gives the proper filter for judging anything and everything Donald Trump says.

Here’s Remnick:

“Trump has never gone out of his way to conceal the essence of his relationship to the truth and how he chooses to navigate the world. In 1980, when he was about to announce plans to build Trump Tower, a fifty-eight-story edifice on Fifth Avenue and Fifty-sixth Street, he coached his architect before meeting with a group of reporters. ‘Give them the old Trump bullshit,’ he said. ‘Tell them it’s going to be a million square feet, sixty-eight stories.’”

When Trump says his healthcare bill will protect persons with pre-existing conditions, it’s “the old Trump bullshit.”

When Trump says he will protect religious freedom – while banning entry of Muslims – it’s “the old Trump bullshit.”

When Trump says he will bring peace to the Middle East, it’s “the old Trump bullshit.”  He’s going to solve the problem of North Korea and Iran possessing nuclear weapons?  “The old Trump bullshit.”

He’s going to reform taxes?  He’s going to bring back coal?  He “respects” women?  He’s going to ‘Make America Great Again”?   Say it loud and clear, “It’s the old Trump bullshit!”

It works for everything he says.  Obama tapped his phone?  He’s got big hands?  It covers the whole ball of wax.  Try it.



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