Orwell – From a December 9 Facebook post

This is in appreciation for Richard Ross’s letter to today’s Hartford Courant. Allow me the liberty of quoting in full:

“I’m shocked that no one in the media (to my knowledge) has yet made the obvious and eerie connection between Donald Trump’s latest lies – he won in a landslide and millions of people voted illegally – and the Ministry of Truth depicted in George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-four”.

The Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s dystopian world was responsible for the falsification and doctoring of historical events to show a government-approved version of events – its mission was to construct lies to fit with the government’s interpretation of reality. It’s frighteningly too familiar to the fiction that regularly comes from President-elect Trump.”

I couldn’t agree more. It is our responsibility to figure out how to effectively respond.


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