Hacking Voting Machines – Reforms – Trump the Usurper

1votingmachineFormer CIA Director James Woolsey warns that 25% of American voting machines can be hacked and leave no paper trail to allow a recount.  See this link.  See also this article by Ben Wofford in Politico, “How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes.”  Here’s a quote from Wofford’s article: “’This isn’t a crazy hypothetical anymore,’ says Dan Wallach, … a computer science professor at Rice. ‘Once you bring nation states’ cyber activity into the game?’ He snorts with pity. ‘These machines, they barely work in a friendly environment.'”

No electronic information is totally secure.  See my blog “Compute This“.  American intelligence services tell us there was a major Russian effort involving hacking and disinformation to flip the American election – an effort that, given the narrow 70,000 vote margin of the Trump victory, determined Trump’s win.  There is also voluminous evidence that Trump and his operatives colluded with that Russian effort and that agents allied to Trump engaged in massive disinformation campaigns.  See yesterday’s blog “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”.

In short, our electoral process was compromised and Trump’s election was illegitimate, stolen, undeserved.  Let’s call him Trump the Usurper.  He should be investigated, impeached, and sent to jail.   Furthermore, a federal election law is necessary to require that election machines are secure from hacking and provide a verifiable paper trail.

More broadly, the election was a wake-up call for electoral reform.  The following reforms are necessary:

1.  Secure voting machines with verifiable paper trails must be acquired for all voting centers.

2.  Campaign finance reform must be enacted to remove money from politics.  See my blog  “Getting Money Out of Politics”.

3.  Independent bi-partisan commissions must be established to end gerrymandering.  Computer models using established computer algorithms should ensure that electoral district boundaries are not drawn for partisan advantage.

4.  The Electoral College must be abolished and all national elections determined by popular vote.

5.  Strong national voting laws must prohibit voter suppression.

The facts are out there.  Our country is no longer a democracy.  Our most recent election was stolen.  We will have to act forcefully if we want our country back.


5 thoughts on “Hacking Voting Machines – Reforms – Trump the Usurper

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