The Stench of Trump’s Corruption Follows Him to the Middle East


A Saudi execution by beheading

I was greeted this morning to the dueling stories of Trump, bowing his head to the Saudis to receive a golden medal, and word that Jared Kushner has negotiated a 110 Billion dollar weapons contract between Lockheed and Saudi Arabia.  Since I’m not seeing the appropriate outrage elsewhere, I’ll express it myself.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive regimes in the world – a country governed under Sharia law by a Royal family originally installed by Western powers in exchange for free access to their oil – a country in which the youth is indoctrinated in anti-western, anti-liberal rhetoric in Wahhibi  schools – the source of Osama Bin Laden’s radicalism and of the majority of the terrorists carrying out the 9/11 attack.   Saudis are currently executing their citizens at a record clip – consider this article, “16 Things That Could Get You Executed In Saudi Arabia16“.   This is where they really do amputate, cane, and behead.  May I mention the current devastation occurring in Yemen – a population verging on mass starvation and subject to recorded Saudi atrocities?   May I suggest that the “optics” of the American President, a wanna-be tin pot dictator himself, bowing his head to this regime of thugs is sending the wrong message?

Speaking of which – what could be more crass or corrupt than selling 100 Billion dollars worth of weapons – 100 Billion dollars worth of weapons – to this regime, in an area of the world already aflame?  To what purpose, other than to make Lockheed stockholders and the military – industrial complex richer and tie our policy ever tighter to exploitation of Middle East oil reserves?

Here’s a factoid to chew on.  American policy in the Middle East since George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq has progressively ratcheted up sectarian violence in the region.  Thanks to American policy, large sections of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan lie in failed nation-states subject to horrific sectarian violence and providing potential flash points between the nuclear powers for a truly cataclysmic conflict.  Has anyone with a modicum of intelligence given due consideration to what the hell we are doing?  I think not.


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