The Man in the High Castle

the-man-in-the-high-castle-season-two-mithc_201_03003_rgbsWe’ve been fans of Rufus Sewell since he crossed lances with Heath Ledger in The Knight’s Tale.  If we see Rufus in a part, we check it out.  See him, for example, as the Italian detective in Zen.  Rufus brings depth to a character, conveying the presence and nuance of an earlier generation, like Alec Guinness, or perhaps Olivier.  When we heard he had a lead in the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle, we streamed an episode.  The premise is that, in an alternate universe, in World War II, the Germans are the first to develop the bomb.   After the Germans win the war, the United States is divided between the Reich and the Japanese Empire.   Enough of the plot.  It’s not my point.

What is creepy and compelling is how the scenes set in the American Reich resonate with our new world order under the Trump regime in Washington.  Here’s your test.  Watch an episode of The Man in the High Castle.   Then flip on your TV to CNN or pick up the paper to read about Steve Bannon appointing himself to replace the Joint Chiefs.  Or listen to  Trump, in successive breaths, declare America Great and  threaten the media.  Finally watch a Republican Congressman stand before the cameras and act like the new Trump world of banning immigrants and building walls is normal.  Or better yet, watch Kelly Anne Conway deflect a question with a sneer and the insinuation that the reporter had a nerve to ask.  Let me know if the hair doesn’t rise on the back of your neck.


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