Mozart in the Jungle

playing-violin-lowers-stress-levelJackie and I have belatedly discovered Mozart in the Jungle, a TV series set in the milieu of the New York Symphony.  Through six episodes, it has been a witty delight, a play on all the passions, egos, frailties, and ambitions that make us human.  Also an insight into the lives of artists in the big city and the pressures and pathos of making it.  Throw in sex, music, great acting, great writing, and stir – here’s hoping, ever the optimist, that they can keep it up.   And if you like Jungle, don’t miss the 2003 Canadian series Slings and Arrows with Paul Gross.  Slings and Arrows uses a similar conceit; it revolves around a struggling Shakespearean theatre, not unlike Jungle, but substitute Shakespeare for Mozart.  Shakespeare?  Mozart?  Which do you prefer?  Great acting – great music.  I’ll take one of each and the Billy Holiday on the side.

Which brings me to Trump.  The philistines are not just at the gate, they have stormed and taken the castle.   Trump is all about War, and Walls, and gratifying his swelled sense of entitlement.  Virtually all that is good about our government – be it support for education, or healthcare, science or the arts – is on the chopping block.  His sense of attainment is Scrooge McDuck wallowing in his bank vault.  No one is going to throw him out unless we make it happen.  No time like the present.


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