We’re the Cops of the World, Boys!

maxresdefault20282292028129Like many a slow slide into the muck, it’s difficult to finger when the US totally lost its moral compass.  You might argue that we never had one – it has certainly been erratic – but when Iraq invaded Kuwait and George H. W. Bush decided that the invasion could not stand, he gathered the support of other enraged allies.  The US led coalition that removed Iraq from Kuwait did so pursuant to a United Nations mandate.  So let’s take as a baseline the fact that Bush obtained a sort of legitimacy before taking military action.

Over the last week, the US has escalated its presence in the sovereign state of Syria with a retaliatory attack on a Syrian airfield after a media report and horrific pictures of a gas attack targeting Syrian civilians.  While NBC journalist Brian Williams fawned over the American use of tomahawk missiles, I was left wondering “why this attack?”,  “why now?”, and “based on what authority?”

Here are a few further questions:

Since the Syrian regime is supported by Russia and defended by Russian weapons, was Trump flirting with WWW III  or was the raid staged with Putin’s permission?

Why couldn’t this particular action wait for independent verification of the gas attack and presentation of the matter to the UN and the International Court?

On what logical basis, and pursuant to what authority, is the US violating Syrian sovereignty in the first place?  If the basis is that the Syrian regime is repugnant and violates human rights, does that repugnance differ significantly from the repression of human rights in US ally Saudi Arabia?

Was the raid staged without prior notice or consultation by Trump to show that he did not need to consult before using military force?

Was the raid staged to shore up his image as a strong leader?

Was the raid staged to distract from his collusion with Putin to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election?

Can we expect more of the same from Mr. Trump?

Is the strike force moving toward the Korean Peninsula intended to provoke a North Korean response?  Does Trump intend to strike North Korea in any case?

Yeah, I know.  It’s nothing new.  They cheered Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan hill for democracy.  How did that work out?  And the Spanish didn’t have nuclear weapons.  Here’s Phil Ochs, “Cops of the World“.   It seems to fit with the Trump administration.   If you don’t know about Phil Ochs, you can’t learn younger.


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