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 Jonathan Lethem recommends Philip K. Dick dystopian works.

Judith Kaufman J. D. link to Russian money trail to Trump.

Unhack the Vote  A link to Mike Farb’s Twitter feed setting out information concerning the hacking of voting machines in the 2016 election.

The Moscow Project  The Moscow Project is dedicated to uncovering the Trump-Russia ties indicative of collusion in the 2016 campaign.  Click here for a short video.

Lawfare  This blog site is doing excellent work detailing and analyzing Trump-Russia.  Check out both their fact site and their theories of the case.  Good stuff.

Robert Reich  Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, is an author, political commentator, and professor at the University of California, Berkeley.  He is the most articulate and active spokesman for the resistance.  Catch an episode of his Resistance Report, live video commentaries that he streams over the web.  He is witty, engaging, charming, and on the money.  Look him up.  Some Reich posts are also found at ResistTrump.

Paul Krugman  Paul Krugman is an American economist and professor at the City University of New York.  As a columnist for The New York Times, he has made numerous prescient calls.  Should not be missed.

Bill Moyers  Bill Moyers is an American journalist, political commentator, and the producer of numerous documentaries and news journal programs.  He has been a strong critic of the erosion of American democratic values and provided an early boost to Bernie Sanders’ run for the presidency.  Bill also uses his site to sponsor other liberal voices.

Bill’s list of 10 investigative reporting sites.  Because Bill is always spot on.

Noam Chomsky  Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT, is a leading American intellectual who is widely known and honored in Europe and through the rest of the world.  See Noam Chomsky Day in the recent film, Captain Fantastic.  As a strong critic of America’s slide from its purported ideals, he is less known, and less warmly received, in some circles.  This reflects quite poorly on us, and on Mr. Chomsky, not at all.  You need to be familiar with Chomsky and his school of thought.  Most notable are his recent warnings concerning the dangers of global warming and the concurrent concern of  global instability and nuclear holocaust.  Time to get our heads out of the sand.

See this interview with Wally Shawn and Noam Chomsky – well worth your hour plus – interview starts about 16 minutes into the video –  “My Dinner with Noam”

Bernie Sanders  Senator Sanders has stood, virtually alone, for years as a critic of the corruption of our political process by big money.  A man of unique integrity and courage and deserving of our support.

Sidney Blumenthal’s A Short History of the Trump Family.  Blumenthal tells us who Trump really is.

Harvey J. Kaye’s article on Thomas Paine, Let Them Call Us Rebels.  We need Paine now.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.   This should resonate.  Times to try men’s souls.

Steven Harper’s The Trump Resistance Plan.  Excellent analysis – from Moyer’s site.

David Frum’s article in The Atlantic on How to Build an Autocracy.   Conditions are set for Trump to consolidate power.

Jake Fuentes’ article Immigration Ban is a Head Fake   Don’t let Trump’s media outrages take your eye from the ball.

The Guardian  The British newspaper, The Guardian, has, world-wide, the best progressive commentary, bar none.  American media, for the most part, seems unaware of what it doesn’t know.  The Guardian provides some balance.

Independent  Another British paper.  Uncowed.

John Cassidy   Insightful writer for The New Yorker.

The New Yorker  Insightful.

Joshua Holland’s Guide to the Resistance Movement.

Indivisible Guide  Former Congressional Staffers give tips on how to be heard.

Women’s March 10 Actions 100 Days  A site with ideas for taking action.

Ralph Nader  Ralph is one of the better commentators on the corporate abuses of our system.  I didn’t like his presidential run – Al Gore was worlds better than Bush – but at this point we need to get over it.  Nader is smart and insightful and worth following.

Charles M. Blow  Blow is a political commentator with The New York Times who has not pulled his punches in his criticisms of Trump.

David Ignatius  Opinion writer for the Washington Post.

Elizabeth Warren  Senator Warren is a prominent academic and politician who has called out the corporate abuses of Wall Street.  She has the honor of being targeted by Mr. Trump, the Orange Man, with smears, too numerous to recount.  More than enough reason to follow her and listen.

Chris Murphy  Senator Murphy from Connecticut has vocally criticized Trump and the coming regime.  He’s an up-and-comer and looks ready to lead the charge.  Riders up!

WAMC   WAMC’s morning show, The Round Table, presents a daily considered update and political commentary.  These guys and gals are really good.  Alan Chartock, WAMC’s president, is the best.  One can only guess at the pressures that Trump and a Republican Congress will bring to try to silence this voice.  Check it out, then give WAMC your support.

Dan Rather  Dan Rather deserves credit for calling out George W. Bush on his purported service in the National Guard.   For that, the Bushies were able to discredit Rather and destroy his career.  Dan still calls it like it is.

Trump Resistance Movement  We need to coalesce around resistance sites.  This is one I found and so far looks good to me.

Bill Maher  Bill gives you his mind without dumbing it down.  Good stuff.

Daily Kos  An eclectic site worth knowing about.

Truth Dig   More good stuff – cartoons!

Michael Moore  Mike has been jumping up and down for I don’t know how long saying “look out – look at what is happening!”  Kudos (that’s good) to Mike.

Ken Burns    Ken is one of America’s foremost humanists.  Always worth a look.  Link to Ken’s Stanford graduation speech

Garrison Keillor  What does a decent man do when confront by Trumpist evil.  Garrison has some ideas.

See this article by Jay Rosen at PressThink.  Part 2 is here.

Eric Alterman article in The Nation on the threat to our democracy.

John Naughton‘s Guardian article on the Right’s use of the internet

Kimberley A. Johnson   Just caught my eye as an up to the minute resistance site.

Gyphen  This links to a resistance site containing an excellent recent video by Keith Olberman.  Keep an eye out for other good stuff.

ResistMedia,  MoveOn.Org, Save Main Street , Common Dreams, Stand Up America, Left Action, and Learn Progress have recently posted useful resistance information and articles.  Their links are:



Save Main Street

Common Dreams

Stand Up America

Left Action

Learn Progress