Put the electoral college in the waste bin. From my November 26 facebook post.

With the prospective election of Donald Trump by the electoral college notwithstanding that he received a minority of the popular vote, it is time to reconsider the legitimacy of the electoral college. You might find reviewing it in wikipedia to be instructive. The following is an interesting excerpt: “Some delegates, including James Wilson and James Madison, preferred popular election of the executive. Madison acknowledged that while a popular vote would be ideal, it would be difficult to get consensus on the proposal given the prevalence of slavery in the South. There was one difficulty however of a serious nature attending an immediate choice by the people. The right of suffrage was much more diffusive in the Northern than the Southern States, and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes. The substitution of electors obviated this difficulty and seemed on the whole to be liable to the fewest objections.” To put it in other words, the electoral college is a legacy of slave holding at the time the Constitution was adopted. Southern states objected to election by a popular vote because a substantial portion of their population was bound in slavery and could not vote. The electoral college was devised as a sop to those slave holding states. Since slavery has been abolished for the last 153 years, and because the electoral college otherwise violates the most basic democratic principles, and given that it is now operating to elect a science denying, crude misogynist, we should, with one voice, consign it to the waste bin of history. In the meantime, we should further demand that the current electors cast their vote in proportion to the votes cast in their respective states.


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