My Dinner with Noam

93828186_doomsday_clock_hour_clock-1My recommendation today is that you watch this Wallace Shawn interview of Noam Chomsky at the New York Public Library –  “My Dinner with Noam”  was the comment of some internet wags.  Chomsky is always interesting and important to listen to  – Wally Shawn gives the interview some sparkle.  If you don’t know Chomsky, you owe it to yourself to watch.  The interview doesn’t start until about 16 minutes in.  Lasts a little over an hour.  Just forward the play to get started.  If you know Chomsky, it’s still good.  Sobering discussion of the doomsday clock though.  Is a species’ chance for survival inverse to intelligence?   Does that mean, with the election of Trump, that we are Okay?


One thought on “My Dinner with Noam

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