Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Jail They Go

aaeaaqaaaaaaaabpaaaajdhlnju4yjhmlwy5mmetnda0oc1hntvhlwm1mwe0mmmzy2mzmaPerhaps, like me, you spent too much time yesterday wondering if the “firing” of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council was meaningful news.  Was Bannon really in disfavor, or did Bannon orchestrate his removal to address the criticism, or orchestrate it as a diversion?  Or perhaps, his leaving really signaled that major foreign policy decisions, including those affecting security, were taking place in the White House.  Why should Bannon waste time at the Council meetings?  Pay him now or pay him later.  I’ll tell you what – it doesn’t mean squat.  It’s not where the action is, one way or the other.

The Susan Rice “story” is a diversion too.  I’m amazed that Trump can float the crap impugning Rice in the media and they run with it.  Did Rice unmask?  Did Obama bug?  Crap.  There’s nothing there and I’m not buying anyway.

The real action is on the Trump-Russia collusion story.  They’d squelch it if they could, they are panicked like it’s a five alarm fire.  But the story is not going to stop because, as I’ve been saying all along, Trump really did it.  In fact, during the campaign, Trump was proud of how smart he was to collude with the Russians; he was daring us to call him on it when he called on Russia to release Clinton’s hacked emails.

But in this case, Trump miscalculated – this story is the sorcerer’s apprentice.    The story won’t die, it can’t be fogged.  Unlike Trump, Trump’s assistants were not  schooled by Roy Cohn in the black arts.   They don’t know how to lie like a sociopath.  His cronies like Flynn and Sessions resign and recuse – they get caught in their lies and perjury.   We know from their smoke that there’s fire.  And Trump has been so deep in organized crime, with Manafort and Stone, and years of money-laundering and deals with Russian oligarch thugs that, once the investigative journalists get the scent, the truth can no longer be hidden.

I shared the following post, courtesy of Michael Mut, on Facebook yesterday:

“I don’t know – it’s hard for me to see any #TrumpRussia ties…
except for the Flynn thing
and the Manafort thing
and the Tillerson thing
and the Sessions thing
and the Kushner thing
and the Carter Page thing
and the Roger Stone thing
and the Felix Sater thing
and the Boris Ephsteyn thing
and the Rosneft thing
and the Gazprom thing
and the Sergey Gorkov banker thing
and the Azerbajain thing
and the “I love Putin” thing
and the Donald Trump, Jr. thing
and the Sergey Kislyak thing
and the Russian Affiliated Interests thing
and the Russian Business Interests thing
and the Emoluments Clause thing
and the Alex Schnaider thing
and the hack of the DNC thing
and the Guccifer 2.0 thing
and the Mike Pence “I don’t know anything” thing
and the Russians mysteriously dying thing
and Trump’s public request to Russia to hack Hillary’s email thing
and the Trump house sale for $100 million at the bottom of the housing bust to the Russian fertilizer king thing
and the Russian fertilizer king’s plane showing up in Concord, NC during Trump rally campaign thing
and the Nunes sudden flight to the White House in the night thing
and the Nunes personal investments in the Russian winery thing
and the Cyprus bank thing
and Trump not releasing his tax returns thing
and the Republican Party’s rejection of an amendment to require Trump to show his taxes thing
and the election hacking thing
and the GOP platform change to the Ukraine thing
and the Steele Dossier thing
and the Leninist Bannon thing
and the Sally Yates can’t testify thing
and the intelligence community’s investigative reports thing
and Trump’s reassurance that the Russian connection is all “fake news” thing
and Spicer’s Russian Dressing “nothing’s wrong” thing
so there’s probably nothing there
since the swamp has been drained, these people would never lie
probably why Nunes cancels the investigation meetings
all of this must be normal
just a bunch of separate dots with no connection.”

I don’t know if the post originated with Michael Mut, or with some unknown wit.  And the post leaves out the Erik Prince thing and other threads.  I don’t care.  It makes the point.  We  know the truth about the Trump conspiracy.  Trump and the gang are in it up to their necks, guilty of treason.  In an earlier age, they would swing.  They should spend their remaining lives in jail.  If House and Senate Republicans refuse to act, we need to hold them accountable too.  They are enabling traitors.


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