Something’s Happening Here

“Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it.”  George Santayana.

vietnam-war-hub-abWhat was not in the news this week was discussion of the US ramping up of troop deployments in Iraq and Syria.  Well, it was there if you looked carefully but it wasn’t anything advertised by our administration.

See this article by W. J. Hennigan in The LA Times, Trump administration stops disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria.  Here’s Hennigan, “Even as the U.S. military takes on a greater role in the warfare in Iraq and Syria, the Trump administration has stopped disclosing significant information about the size and nature of the U.S. commitment, including the number of U.S. troops deployed in either country.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon quietly dispatched 400 Marines to northern Syria to operate artillery in support of Syrian militias that are cooperating in the fight against Islamic State, according to U.S. officials. That was the first use of U.S. Marines in that country since its long civil war began.

In Iraq, nearly 300 Army paratroopers were deployed recently to help the Iraqi military in their six-month assault on the city of Mosul, according to U.S. officials.

Neither of those deployments was announced once they had been made, a departure from the practice of the Obama administration, which announced nearly all conventional force deployments.”

The article continues:

“’In order to maintain tactical surprise, ensure operational security and force protection, the coalition will not routinely announce or confirm information about the capabilities, force numbers, locations, or movement of forces in or out of Iraq and Syria,’ said Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman.  That move deprives the public of information it has a right to know about the wars in which the U.S. is engaging, said Ned Price, National Security Council spokesman under Obama.”

So when was the last time an American administration boosted troop levels without public acknowledgement?  The President was Lyndon Baines Johnson.    He was increasing troop levels for some kind of “enforcement” action in a place called Vietnam.


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