Dutch Report Investigation of Trump Partner for Money Laundering and Tax Fraud

money-launderingI previously blogged about the revelations in The New Yorker by Adam Davidson that Trump partnered in a Trump Tower project in Baku, Azerbaijan with the organized crime Mammadov family.    See my blog  “Evidence Trump Violated The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” and Davidson’s article “Donald Trump’s Worst Deal“.

Now Zembla, a Dutch investigative television programme, is reporting that Trump partner Bayrock is suspected of using Dutch letter box companies to launder money and of engaging in large scale tax fraud.  As the partner to an organization engaged in a criminal enterprise, Trump could face felony charges.  See  “TRUMP BUSINESS PARTNER ACCUSED OF INVOLVEMENT IN DUTCH-BASED MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME“.

Here’s from Zemba:

“In 2005, Donald Trump became 18% owner of an hotel-condominium known as Trump SoHo.  Bayrock, the other owner, is accused of perpetrating fraud on a grand scale through, among other things, Trump SoHo. According to US law, this means that Trump is jointly liable for Bayrock’s criminal activities. [New York States Attorney] Oberlander [who is prosecuting Bayrock] concludes,  ‘Anybody running a business through a pattern of crime is guilty of racketeering. Anybody knowing what they’re doing and are helping is guilty of racketeering conspiracy.  They go to jail.'”

Zembla further reports:

“[According to Bayrock] the Dutch corporate  construction [the letter box companies] was established on the advice of an external legal counsel.  ZEMBLA discovers that the firm in question is Bracewell & Giuliani.  Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, and part owner of the law firm at the time, is also a Trump confidante.  ZEMBLA has access to correspondence between the law firm and the Dutch director of a trust company in Amsterdam, which leaves no doubt as to the ultimate beneficiary owners of the Dutch business construction: the director of Bayrock and the Khrapunov family from Kazakhstan.

Viktor Khrapunov is a fugitive ex-mayor and governor from Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan government accuses Khrapunov of embezzling hundreds of millions of state assets. In 2007, Bayrock and the Khrapunov family founded the Dutch joint venture KazBay B.V.   ZEMBLA has copies of the act of incorporation, bank statements and internal communications showing how the suspected money laundering scheme was set up. ‘It was designed to get millions of dollars out of New York into Europe. Through KazBay. KazBay was just a conduit’  asserts attorney Oberlander.”

And more:

“Six months ago, the Financial Times reported that, in 2013, the Khrapunov family had bought three apartments in Trump SoHo to the tune of 3.1 million dollars. A sale from which Trump benefitted as joint owner. The White House, the Trump Organization and Viktor Khrapunov decline to answer ZEMBLA’s questions. In the episode ‘The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: Part 1 – the Russians’, ZEMBLA explores the possible implications of these shady business dealings for the United States’ 45th president.”

Here’s another Zembla link entitled “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians.”

The Zembla revelations have been reported on in the United States by BipartisanReport.com  and Daily Kos, but to my knowledge have yet to be picked up by mainstream media.  Stay tuned.


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