We the People

We The PeopleLet’s be clear about the implications of Donald Trump conspiring with Vladimir Putin to tip the 2016 Presidential Election in Trump’s favor.

  1.  Donald Trump was not elected in a fair election.  His victory in the Electoral College was illegitimate.   Trump is therefore without legitimate authority.

  2. Mr. Pence, elected in the same illegitimate election, while not personally tainted, can not and should not take authority from the tainted election.

  3. Mr. Trump, by conspiring with a foreign power against the interests of the United States, is guilty of treason.

  4. All actions Mr. Trump has taken since the inauguration were taken without lawful authority and are either null and void, ab initio, or subject to being held void.

  5. The United States currently lacks a legitimate Executive Branch.

  6. Congress is the only legitimate power with the ability to take action.

  7. The Constitutional action afforded Congress is the ability to impeach.

  8. The current lack of a legitimate  Executive subjects the country to the perils of a leaderless ship in a rocky channel.  It is incumbent on Congress to act immediately to impeach Donald Trump in the national interest.

  9. It is incumbent on Congress to take such further action as is necessary to reestablish a legitimate Executive Authority.  That action would include the holding of a prompt national election for the  Presidency and Vice-Presidency.


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