Fixit – from my November 28 Facebook post

In a recent post, I discussed the fact that, while Clinton received the majority of votes cast, Trump is poised to be elected President by a tainted electoral college. (See that discussion in my time line.) The electoral college was created as a sop to slave holding Southern states because a large portion of their population – the slaves – were not allowed to vote. Southern states, demanding equal influence, demanded a nondemocratic voting system skewed in their favor. With the abolition of slavery 153 years ago, that undemocratic rationale for the electoral college ceased to exist. It should have been terminated then. It should be terminated now. In fact, as shown by Mr. Trump’s recent tweets, he is quite aware of and sensitive to the fact that his “election” by a minority of the vote is less than legitimate.

But what do we do? If Trump had not run on appeals to racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual bigotry, if he was not a threat to the global climate and world peace, one might rely on the glacial institutional pace of Congress to rectify the electoral process. Surely in some decade, they would recognize that our country was created on the premise that all men are created equal and that that means, as demanded by democratic principles, that each vote has equal weight. But with Trump, the demagogue, poised to take power, we do not have that luxury.

I have a proposed solution. Just this past year, Great Britain, in what is popularly known as Brexit, concerned about threats to its national sovereignty from the undemocratic power structure of the European Union, held a referendum and voted to break away and reassert its democratic sovereignty. Similarly, those states that voted for Clinton should not tolerate the minority-elected Trump but should hold referendums to exit this undemocratic United States and to form a new, more perfect, union – the Democratic States of America – founded on the explicit right of all citizens to universal suffrage and on the equal weight of all votes. Such a proposed country would include both coasts and a major portion of our population and industrial activity. Moreover, membership would be limited to populations that had shown at least a modicum of concern for humanity and the fate of the world. My name for this exit? Fixit.


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