Once a Fraud, Always a Fraud

1ccd4a4For all those commentators who are striving to compliment Trump on his “statesmanlike” speech last night, I ask the following:

Has he released his tax returns?

Has he put his businesses in a blind trust or is he profiting from his position in violation of the emoluments clause?

If he is capable of giving a sane address, what does that say about his awareness of the inappropriateness of his daily attacks on the press, on foreigners, on minorities, and on dissidents?

Does he intend to protect the health insurance of those with pre-existing conditions?

Will he continue to break up families, conduct deportation raids, and unconstitutionally target Muslims and Latinos?

Will he expend billions on a wall?

Will he apologize to the foreign leaders he has insulted?

Will he support a special prosecutor to investigate the Russian interference in our election and the collusion of his staff?

Does he continue to claim a mandate, having received a minority of the votes?

Will he withdraw his support for Gorsuch in favor of Merrick Garland?

Will he continue to escalate the arms race with modernized nuclear weapons when the United States spends more on its military than the next seven nations combined?

Will he respect and support our judiciary and apologize to those judges he has maligned?

Will he reverse his disdain for environmental protection and recognize the dangers of climate change?

Will he protect our most vulnerable or fill private prisons?

Will he support regulation of banks and large corporations?

Will he support a progressive tax system and will he, himself, pay his fair share?

The answers to all of the above are clear. This man is, and has been, a travesty,  a fraud, and an ongoing insult to our intelligence.  I am ashamed for our country and embarrassed for those commentators that feel that their “objectivity” requires that they ignore what is most obvious about Mr. Trump.


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