The Boy Who Cried Wolf

I won’t be watching Trump tonight.  The fact that he has this world-wide platform to spew on is of itself highly offensive.  But beyond that, there is nothing that he could say that I can assume is honest or straight or factually accurate.  Trump is the boy who cried “wolf”.  According to Trump, The New York Times is fake news and CNN  is “an enemy of the people”.  No Donald.  They may not be perfect but your problem with them is their penchant for telling the truth.    “Enemy of the people” was a term used by Stalin before he terminated rivals.   According to Trump, Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the collapse of the Twin Towers.  According to Trump, Hillary is a crook.  According to Trump, the Russians did not interfere in our election.   According to Trump, Obama may have been born in Kenya.  According to Trump, he doesn’t know if the leader of the KKK is racist.  So I don’t care what is “according to Trump” tonight; I’ll be watching an episode of Outlander and I’ll know that whatever they show has more veracity than whatever manipulative garbage spews from Mr. Trump.

OUT_112-20140619-ND_0178.jpgThere’s an old saying, popular in politics, “what goes around, comes around.”  It’s not something I ever felt I could rely on.  But a few blogs ago, I noted that Trump’s power base is split three ways – between the alt-right Bannons, the establishment right-wing Republicans, and the con-artist Trumps.  One might speculate that the other day Bannon threw Flynn, a Trump loyalist, to the wolves.   Today, The Wall Street Journal,  a Republican establishment paper, editorialized against Mr. Bannon in “Trump’s Reality Test.”    According to the Wall Street Journal, Bannon has been a disaster and Trump’s real test will be what he can accomplish through Republicans in Congress.  What those views miss is that Trump is using both Bannon as the distractive idealogue catering to the far right, and the Republican establishment, as an underlying power base, without really caring about either.  Trump is in it for the self-aggrandizement, to see how far his ego can take him, and how much he can make on the sly and for his brands.  Each of these three wings is trying to use the other two without having the trust, or necessary resonance, for it to work over the long haul.  And so the knives are out and what went around is headed back toward the inner circle.  Stay tuned.  They may just eviscerate each other.


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