One, two, three, what am I fighting for?

Curious Bald EagleWhat am I fighting for?   If I focus on any one topic, it drives everything else to the background.  Here’s my cheat sheet.  To be revised as other issues come to mind.

The Environment:  Industrial and agricultural pollution, with carbon and methane emissions, are causing global warming.  If not addressed, global warming  will cause  catastrophic environmental disasters.   Mr. Trump, his head of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, and the Republican controlled Congress are hostile to any regulations  that restrict corporate profits.  The science is already in on global warming and on numerous other environmental threats that must be addressed.  Disaster looms.

Economic Policy:  Ever since Reagan received his mandate based on “trickle-down” theory, income inequality and economic instability have increased.  Trump is now taking dead aim on the remaining regulatory apparatus, such as Dodd-Frank, that prevent the financial industry from turning our economy into a giant casino.  A repeat of the global meltdown of 2008 looms.

Health Care:  Every Western industrialized nation provides for universal health care, with one exception, the United States.  In the United States, with a system designed to maximize corporate profits of the medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, and nursing home industries, we pay up to 50% more than the rest of the industrialized world, deny access to the poor, bankrupt unlucky members of the middle class, and have health-care results that are mediocre at best and lag other Western countries.

Education:  Again, we should look to Europe, where college or technical education for qualified students is provided or highly subsidized.  The state of the American education system can be surmised from the recent presidential election where we elected a demagogue who promised fantasies and denied realities.

Civil Rights:   The President has brought aides into his government with connections to white supremacy organizations and those hostile to the equal rights of minorities and women.

Protection of the Bill of Rights:   The President and Republican Congress are intent on rolling back the individual protections enunciated by the Warren Court and its progeny. Those rights include the rights of criminal defendants to due process and the assistance of counsel and the rights of women to determine whether to carry a pregnancy to term.

Freedom of Speech:  The President has declared the Press to be a public enemy.

Freedom of Religion:   The President has enacted orders targeting Muslims in violation of the First Amendment.

Voting Rights:   The President, by falsely claiming widespread voter fraud, has legitimized state efforts to suppress voting by minorities.  These actions smack of the Jim Crow policies of the segregated South.

Democracy:   The President was elected by a minority of the voters as the result of the undemocratic effects of the Electoral College.  The rights of the majority of the voters to elect a candidate of their choice must be honored.  Other non-democratic policies such as the widespread use of gerrymandering must be eliminated.  The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United allowing corporate interests to buy elections must be overturned.

Compassion and resettlement for refugees and immigrants:   The way in which the United States has turned its back on the largely Muslim refugee crisis that was in part spawned by American foreign policy is reprehensible.  Ditto to the unprincipled “deportation raids” being conducted by Trump.  What is required is a rational and compassionate policy that respects our humanity.

Sound Foreign Policy:  In his first weeks, the President has systematically insulted the leaders of our closest allies.

Reasonable Gun Control:   Every day, people who shouldn’t have guns kill people who don’t have guns.  The second amendment was not intended to protect carnage.

Accountability for Treason:   All available evidence indicates that the President conspired with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to undermine the 2016 presidential election with the goal of electing Mr. Trump.  The trail of the evidence must be followed and those involved held accountable.

Conflicts of Interest and Violation of the Emoluments Clause:  The President has entangled his private business interests with his obligations to the country as a public servant.  In particular, he is benefiting personally from actions taken by foreign powers in violation of the Emoluments Clause.  He should be held accountable.

Character and Values:   The leader of the free world must reflect the values of a modern and empathetic country.  The demagoguery of the current president falls short.

Avoidance of Nuclear Holocaust:   The President is one of the two or three people on the face of the earth who can unleash nuclear holocaust and extinguish life on our planet as we know it.  The President daily exhibits paranoia and narcissism indicative of serious mental illness.  Such a person should not have access to a gun, much less a ballistic missile.

Did I forget something?  Let me know.



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