Just a Short

My post yesterday suggested that there already existed ample legal cause to proceed against Mr.  Trump.  I further pointed out that the burden was now on the Republican controlled House of Representatives to take action.  Bill Moyers and Michael Winship posted the following this morning, “Republicans, Where’s the Backbone?”   rather more eloquently addressing the obligation of Republicans to place country above party politics.  I couldn’t agree more.

fbd2dacfeffc40d9a0cf430cd64faf6f_18I’ll share one further thought.  If I were Vladimir Putin and I had just conspired with Trump to tip the election in his favor, I would be watching events here closely.   I would find the intelligence release that Trump’s aides had been in ongoing talks with the Russians to be concerning.  I would wonder what I could do to distract attention from any investigation and give Trump cover, a way for Trump to distance himself from the Russians and show that he was tough.   Perhaps a threatening Russian gesture might help.  Maybe have Russian jets buzz an American destroyer.  Or maybe send a spy ship up the Eastern Seaboard?


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