Why We Resist


UC Berkeley


Let me direct your attention to two sites that I found enlightening concerning Mr. Trump.  The first is Robert Reich’s Resistance Report for yesterday, February 2.  Reich addresses several disturbing recent Trump activities; in particular, Trump’s disregard of the Constitutional separation of church and state at the “breakfast prayer meeting”, his war on freedom of speech, and his rudeness to and callous disregard of the leaders of our closest allies.

I found particularly chilling Reich’s description of what happened at the University of California Berkeley campus Wednesday night.  As described by Reich, the University made  the student union auditorium available to a right-wing Breitbart writer, in furtherance of the University policy to promote free speech.  During the speech itself, a peaceful student protest was crashed by disciplined outside agitators, dressed in black, who engaged in provocations, vandalism, and threatening.  As a result of that violence and threatening, the speech was shut down by local police as a protective measure.  Thereafter, Mr. Trump tweeted, threatening Berkeley with loss of federal funds for its failure to allow free speech.  This should give you chills given the similar practices of Adolf Hitler and his brownshirts – intentionally stirring up violence and then blaming those they attacked.  Given Trump’s connection to Breitbart through Steve Bannon and his readiness to attack Berkeley, a bastion of liberal values, with loss of federal funds, it is reasonable to suspect the incident of being a Trump/Bannon setup.  Mr. Trump has long forfeited the right to be given the benefit of the doubt.

The second site is Ann Hornaday’s Washington Post article on Steve Bannon.    Quite simply, I was unaware of Bannon’s history producing movies.  As described by Hornaday, his career is extremely revealing.  Consider, for example, this excerpt: “His most recent film, “Torchbearer,” features “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson delivering an hour-long sermon about the existential necessity of a Judeo-Christian republic, his long gray beard and booming voice lending Old Testament gravitas to the oratory.”  Hornaday goes on:  “Distinct Manichaean themes emerge within Bannon’s collected works, echoing the same urgent, apocalyptic anti-globalism he’s espoused in speeches and on Breitbart News. Contemptuous of the “permanent political class,” crony capitalism, hippies and community organizers (who “hate this country . . . hate the Constitution [and] hate freedom”), Bannon doesn’t see the world in terms of partisan politics as much as a cage-match clash of civilizations…”   Keep in mind that this is the same Steve Bannon that now sits on the National Security Council, having ousted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  As Hornaday puts it,  “As far as political reality goes, it’s Bannon’s movie, we’re now in it, and the opening credits have just started to roll.”

And if that doesn’t raise the hair on your neck, listen to this recently released tape of Steve Bannon live.   (Look on Credo site under “All Videos”.)   The screws on this guy are seriously loose.

Bob Reich ends his report with a heartfelt call for Mr. Trump’s impeachment.   Let’s recognize that that can’t happen until the Republican majority gets scared enough to see their career and lives as being at stake.  But one has to wonder, what will it take?


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