This shall not stand!

sarumanSaruman the Orange has taken the White Tower and the Codes of Power.   With lies and deceit and trickery, he built an army of deplorables, orcs, and trolls.  He serves the Dark Lord Mammon.  He intends to destroy much that is dear to us – programs that protect our sick, our poor, and our elderly.  He wants to burn, to heat our planet, to warm his cold heart.  He wants a great army to impose his will where he will – the Mexicans will build us a great wall – all foreigners will bow to his demands.  The old alliances are failing.  He allies with the evil Lord of Russia.  Already, in secret, they conspire, hacking, lying, deceiving.  No woman is safe under his gaze.

So today we March!  And if our intent is peaceful, we nonetheless are going to War.  We are the Ents.  And this shall not stand!


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