Thumbs Down to Governor Malloy

65876-governor-of-connecticut-dan-malloyToday Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced that after deep soul-searching he would indeed attend Donald Trump’s inauguration.   I say this to Malloy and to fellow-attendees Hillary and Bill Clinton, “Thanks a lot Gov, Milady, and Bill.  Thanks for giving cover to a charlatan and thief, misogynist, rascist, bigot, neo-fascist pussy-grabber.”  Thanks for letting the world know you think this is normal; that, of course, you can work with him.  Thanks for turning your back on the majority of the voters.  Thanks for ignoring the evidence of the CIA and FBI that Trump’s election was greased by Russian hacking and fake news.  Thanks for ignoring the war Trump and his Republican allies are waging on the poor and the minorities, repealing Obamacare and turning back civil rights a hundred years.  Thanks for nothing.”

While I’m at it, let me include a link to today’s Independent article on the M16 agent, the dossiers, and allegations of Trump sleaze.  Of particular note, I thought, was the view of the New York FBI and the implicit suggestion that the FBI sat on the M16 agent information implicating Trump while forcing the inappropriate last minute allegations against Hillary.  All this, while Trump operative and former New York mayor Rudolf Giuliani appeared to know more than he should know.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Or, maybe in this case – thanks Geof – a can of worms.  Do we open it?


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