Russian cyberspies and Putin Swing Election to Trump

aiauiqddThis morning, January 5,2017, WAMC’s Round Table is interviewing American intelligence expert Malcolm Nance.  Before the election, Mr Nance wrote an expose entitled:

The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election  

available at

Mr. Nance’s message is clear, that it is 100 percent provable that Russian intelligence under the direction of Vladimir Putin hacked the Democratic National Committee and others for the purpose of assisting in the election of Donald Trump.  Nance details the cozy relationship between Trump and Trump’s cronies and Putin and the Russian oligarchy.  Nance further notes that Trump is, and has been, a walking security leak who, even if he is not inclined to support the Russians for his business interests, may well have been directly compromised by Russian intelligence.  Nance notes, for example, Trump’s visit to Russia for a beauty pageant and the direct ties between his former chief of staff Paul Manafort, nominee for Secretary of State Tillerson, and others with the Russian government.  Trump has himself already questioned the purpose of NATO and approved of the Russian invasion and takeover in the Crimea – key facets of Russian policy.  Noted columnist Paul Krugman has previously noted that the illegal leaks encouraged by Trump and facilitated by the Russians, in all likelihood, swung the election.

Incidentally, Nance, like me, is concerned about the dangers of Trump beginning a nuclear war.  Note for example Trump’s direct threat against North Korea.

The more detailed information brought forward by Nance, standing along, is sufficient to bring impeachment proceedings against Trump.  What are we waiting for?

ps :   WAMC discussions seem to be generally available as podcasts.  If you want to hear the discussion with Nance, which is fascinating, check the WAMC site.







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