Resistance Links

At this point, there is no reason to mince words.  Donald Trump and his movement represent a virulent form of fascism.  Targeting any opposition as if they were enemies (“lock her up”), threatening to register all Muslims, invoking nuclear weapons, surrounding himself with racists, bigots, and misogynists, showing contempt for facts, truth, or honor.  Acting as if he is above the law, unaccountable for conflicts of interest or to our tradition of civil discourse.  Fascism.  Unchecked, Mr. Trump will destroy our democracy.  He may destroy our world as we know it.

blockchain-its-complicated-810x405There are many points of resistance to Trump.  He received less than a majority of votes and many did not vote at all.  The newspapers and the internet are full of voices calling for an accounting.  I am configuring my blog site to collect links to the most articulate and important voices,  like those of Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Bill Moyers, and Bernie Sanders.  Please feel free to review and use those links as they may prove useful.  I also invite your thoughts as to how to improve my blog and as to what important sites I have overlooked.  I will work on improving the links.  I have no illusion that my voice or this site is in any sense unique.  It is just that now is the best time for us to speak out, protest, and generate momentum for a resistance.  We all need to do our part.   Mr. Trump and his supporters will not be idle.


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