Learning to Love the Bomb

nuclear-bombWoke up this morning to the following headline in the Hartford Courant:  “Trump Signals Nuke Buildup”.  Try that before a cup of coffee and see how your day takes shape.  My question – what exactly does Trump want to do with more nukes?   He can already destroy the whole world 20 times over.  Ever read Nevil Shutes’ On the Beach?  Are we playing macho with Putin and the Chinese?  A little game of dare, and double dare, and double dog dare?  Going to bring those North Koreans to their senses?

I get it that Trump thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and that he can take actions, virtually any actions, without personally experiencing the consequences.  It’s just that the evidence suggests the more troubling possibility that he is nuts and the American people are now handing him the nuclear codes.  It is not just Americans that are and should be scared by this.



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