uncle-sam-wants-youDonald Trump, I accuse you, in league with Vladimir Putin and his Russian cyberhackers, Steven Bannon, Breitbart, Fox News, and the right-wing of the Republican Party, with subverting the democratic process and illegally stealing the 2016 Presidential election.  You and your confederates conducted a deliberate, calculated, malicious,  and illegal campaign of lies, distortions, intimidation, and character assassinations, appealing to racism, bigotry, and misogyny, and raising hatred and fear with the lowest form of demagoguery.  You, Donald Trump, publicly called for the assistance of a foreign power to release illegally hacked emails of your opponent.  You claimed you knew what was going on, without releasing that information, when it was later disclosed beyond a doubt that the Russians conspired to control the election.  It is you, Donald Trump, who for your own base purposes, alleged your opponent, without evidence, to be a crook.  It is you who led bands of your followers with chants of “lock her up”. It is you who cast aspersions on our first black president, without evidence, undermining his administration with the false allegation that he illegitimately held office and that he had lied about his country of birth. It is you who cast aspersions on Mexicans – as rapist, and Muslims – as terrorists. It is you who implied second amendment enthusiasts “might have something to say.” It is you Mr. Trump who pathetically mocked a disabled man, who suggested that Senator McCain, who fought and risked his life for this country, was no hero.  Mr. Trump, it is you who bragged you could sexually assault women with impunity because you are a celebrity.  Mr. Trump, it is you who mined the American psyche for its dark soul.

Mr. Trump. You didn’t win by a landslide – you lost by close to three million votes in the land where it is self-evident that all men are created equal. One man or woman, one vote. You cling to the electoral college, created in defiance of our underlying principles because slave holding states didn’t let their slaves vote but demanded equal power. And that electoral result is tainted by the puzzling last second smear dropped on Mrs. Clinton by a Republican director of the FBI.  Mr. Trump, there is no excuse for the electoral college and there is no excusing you.

Between now and January 20th, I will do everything peacefully within my power to see that you don’t take office. I will demonstrate, protest, write letters, speak out. If you are seated on the 20th, I will spend the next four years appealing for your impeachment and will fight each and every reactionary act of you and your cronies.


Emile Zola

With nuclear proliferation, global warming, the Middle East aflame and awash in refugees, with dictators and strongmen rising throughout the world, we truly stand upon an edge. The time to act is now. Mr. Trump. J’accuse.


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